What You Will (feature drama)

A frazzled single mother and overworked hospice nurse, strives to fix her financial woes, joining self-proclaimed rock-n-rollers in their upstart cosmetics company and the practice of Wicca.

The Liberty Shift (feature drama)

written with Alisha Lumea

In World War II, a would-be socialite waves good-bye to her fiancĂ© and her best shot at the good life. While he’s at sea, can she balance her checkbook and the pressures of a social world almost within reach?

The Real You (feature romantic comedy)

Back in Ohio with a Ph.D. and no plan, a female engineer seems bound for romance with a geeky friend. But what happens when they cross paths with the former homecoming queen?

Optioned by Willfilm Productions.

That’s Why You Never Drink Red (short comic drama)

Three single women and three single men, the perfect set up for romantic sparks. Or not. Where will it get ugliest, at the table – or in the ladies’ room?

watch it online: Durable Pictures

Clearing (experimental short)

Nervous to ask her boss for a raise, Amy takes a break to clear her mind. Will a chance encounter with a Rottweiler empower her?

Now available for screening: Durable Pictures

Fraud (short drama)

Political activism and ethics get personal.

In preproduction: Durable Pictures

No Bullshido (short comedy)

written with Sam Jack, Allen Price, Colin Murray, Jose Hernandez, Melody Crawford

Your skills must never be used.

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