Stage Plays

Within Reason: full-length comedy

It’s Thanksgiving, 1984, and desires, Derrida, and designer psychedelics collide as Caroline, Cameron, Janet, Will, and Elizabeth sort out class, culture, love, and the law at a New Age retreat in Sonoma. 3W, 2M, all mid/late 20’s
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What You Will: full-length drama

Lisa, a frazzled single mother and overworked hospice nurse, strives to fix her financial woes, joining self-proclaimed rock-n-rollers Jessica and Jo in their upstart cosmetics company and the practice of Wicca.   5W, ranging from early 30’s to early 50’s
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Hit the Muscle: one-act drama

Caught between newfound infertility issues and a past she thought she’d outrun, Holly starts to lose control.   2W, 1M, all early 30’s
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You’re It: ten-minute play

While playing hide-and-seek at a friend’s premature wake, three grown-ups meet in a large wardrobe.  1W, 2M, all late 20’s
production history and awards
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Standby: ten-minute play

With her son missing from the Navy, a woman faces the battle between her personal assistant and landscaper.  3W, ranging from 20’s to early 50’s
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Production history: Smoking Goat Productions’ A Loud Little Handful, Battery Mendell, Marin Headlands. Production: October 26 – 27, 2002.

The Ladies’: ten-minute play

Half the table at a matchmaking dinner escapes to the only safe room in the restaurant.  3W, ranging from mid-20’s to mid-30’s
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Base Two: full-length comic drama

Betsey, a computer programmer with a Ph.D. and no plan, seems bound for romance with her geeky pal Edmund. They can navigate cyberspace, but what happens when they cross paths with the former homecoming queen?   2W, 2-3M, all late 20’s
synopsis, production history, and awards

Adamant: ten-minute play

A Shakespeare buff and a geologist quarrel as they shop for an engagement ring.  1W, 2M
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Production history: A Traveling Jewish Theatre, San Francisco, PlayGround 2001 Emerging Playwrights Festival. Production: June 14 – 24, 2001.

A Traveling Jewish Theatre, San Francisco, PlayGround PlayLabs. Staged reading: January 15, 2001.

Three to Go: one-act comic drama

A carefree woman tries to help a man who is certain of his doom.  1W, 1M

Production history: Boomerang Theatre Company (NYC) Spring Flight 2002 reading series. Staged reading: April 15, 2002.

Harmonic: An Act Without Words: short play

A wordless piece, in which a man tries to learn hopscotch.  1W, 1M

Publishing history:
Published in Fourteen Hills Fall/Winter 2000 issue (Volume 7, Number 1).

Rant: ten-minute monologue

While he’s moving on to point D, she’s still questioning point A.  1W

Production history: Luna Sea Theater, San Francisco, Twelfth House Emerging Voices. Production: July 12 – 14, 1996.