Within Reason

(full-length play)

Jane Austen on 2C-B.


Thanksgiving weekend, 1984. Elizabeth should be cramming for the Bar exam. Instead she’s surprised her free-spirited sister Janet with a visit at the Reason Center Sonoma. The chance of an intervention is never far from either’s mind: can Janet convince Elizabeth that Reason isn’t a cult? The Center’s trust-funded leaders, Caroline and Cameron, have invited Will—Cam’s college pal and Caroline’s college crush—for a long weekend away from New York and his father’s publishing house.

Despite her middle-American roots, Elizabeth piques Will’s interest. Janet can’t get a feel for Cameron’s intentions toward her. Caroline’s mortification at the scene only grows when Cameron spikes their cocktails with an X-like psychoactive, declaring that he wants to expand the Center’s focus.

Development History

Boomerang Theatre Company, New York, First Flight Reading Series. Staged reading: Nov 22, 2004.