Tech Writing

You’re in the last weeks before code complete. You’ve got three bugs that are causing you to lose sleep, and about twenty minor ones that should have been fixed yesterday. Tech support’s been antsy about documentation for ages, and now marketing’s getting in on the act, probably because they don’t want end up writing it themselves. But documentation is the last thing you want to worry about now.

I can fix this.

As an experienced, very technical, self-motivated tech writer, I can bring a unique blend of geeky craftsmanship to your group, get your project out the door quickly, and improve your end users’ experiences.

My background? Here’s the short story:

  • BS in electrical engineering and an MFA in creative writing
  • 15+ years in the field, with a wide range of end users
  • Experience with everything from tutorials (including sample code) to API references

Want details? I’ve got those in resume and FAQ form.

Want to see what I can do? Check out my technical writing portfolio.