the item rollover in levels 0 and 1 in the Wishspace.

Clicking the item opens it in the Wishspace, at a level 2 view.

5 Arrow and Advice Rollovers

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When the user rolls over an arrow in any of the modules, the mouse pointer changes to let them know they can click to scroll to the next page. The entire edge of the carousel is active—the mouse doesn't have to be precisely over the arrow when the user wants to scroll.

Lists do not wrap around: when the user is at the first or last page, inactive arrows disappear from the screen.

In the Advice module, the mouse pointer changes when it rolls over an excerpt. Clicking an excerpt opens the corresponding advice session.

6 Offer Rollover

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Clicking an offer in the Dashboard opens the Offer Details modal dialog. An offer's Share and Redeem buttons appear when the user rolls over the offer, showing the same behavior as in the Offers section.

7 Offer Details

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When a user clicks to view coupon details, a fixed-sized modal dialog appears over the Dashboard. This Offer Details dialog is identical to the dialog that appears in the Offers section.

8 First View

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When a user has no Wishlist items, new advice, offers or purchases, the corresponding modules show a short message inviting the user to take advantage of these SiteName features. These messages are shown until the user adds items in the Wishspace, gets new advice, receives an offer or adds a purchase.

The Start now link in the Advice module opens the user's Wishspace. The Start now link in the Purchases module opens the Purchases section, where users can add purchases by email or manually.

Shortly before production, the screen shot of the plug-in should be updated to match the final plug-in design.

9 Wishspace No Price Drop

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When there are no price drops, the Wishspace module shrinks to remove the text area.